July 28, 2020 Meeting

The “hallmarks” of this past week’s meeting were two enjoyable speeches, thoughtful comments on enhancing our online presence, and our guest Shelley.  I (Mary) provided some Toastmaster tips on handling Table Topics, among those thinking of several topics ahead of time in case the need arises to divert the original question and giving yourself several seconds before speaking to organize your thoughts.  Joel delivered his speech on Agile Methods again after receiving and incorporating the feedback the first time he presented it to us in May.  Rachel delivered a proposal on her taking a gap year to “walk, read and love” during her 6.5 hours when her children are in school.  Whitney’s table topics made some of us uneasy because it was talking about ourselves, but gave us greater insight into our fellow Toastmasters.  The meeting was followed by an officer’s get-together where we discussed the Distinguished Club Program, ways to increase membership, an enhanced website and increased Facebook presence and our budget.  Minutes will be forthcoming.