Moments of impact : how to design strategic conversations that accelerate change

Moments of impact : how to design strategic conversations that accelerate change Find this book at the Rochester Public Library!

Title: Moments of impact : how to design strategic conversations that accelerate change Author: Ertel, Chris.  Publication Date: 2014


Drawing on decades of experience as innovation strategists–and supported by cutting-edge social science research, dozens of real-life examples, and interviews with well over 100 thought leaders, executives, and fellow practitioners– they unveil a simple, creative process that leaders and their teams can use to unlock solutions to their most vexing issues. The book also includes a “Starter Kit” full of tools and tips for putting the book’s core principles into practice.

Five things about Ava Andrews

Five things about Ava Andrews Find this children’s novel at the Rochester Public Library. I’m looking forward to reading it!

Ava Andrews, 11, is more nervous than usual at the beginning of sixth grade: not only is middle school intimidating, but her best friend, Zelia, has just moved across the country. Zelia always stood up for Ava when the clinically anxious girl—who has a genetic heart condition and attendant pacemaker—encountered social difficulties that upped her anxiety and her heart rate. Though Ava doesn’t like to stand in front of groups, and dreads attending social events organized by her father’s Cotillion business, she discovers a supportive community when she joins an improv group predicated on a foundation of celebrating mistakes and working with what one is given. The group is soon shocked to discover that the theater in which they rehearse is in danger of being developed. They decide to fight the onset of gentrification in their San Diego neighborhood, and with the help of her improv skills, Ava finds her voice. Alongside a sensitive portrayal of Ava’s invisible disabilities, well-wrought subplots, such as problems with an unkind classmate and the growing distance between two once-close friends, support the journey of Dilloway’s (Summer of a Thousand Pies) thoughtful protagonist from timid observer to well-liked social activist. Ages 8–12. 

Publishers Weekly
May 18, 2020

Leading out loud a guide for engaging others in creating the future

Find this book or the book on CD at the Rochester Public Library.

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Now, more than ever, the development of a leader’s message is as crucial to success as the delivery of that message. Terry Pearce shows leaders in all sectors how to communicate their values and vision to inspire commitment. In this important resource, Pearce continues to broaden the application of core principles, putting the spotlight on every day, spontaneous communication. New examples, covering the range of today’s multi-faceted communication, show the application of the sage advice Pearce offers. Readers will see how to develop a Personal Leadership Communication Guide that supports any venue, through any media and in multiple cultures. This completely revised and updated version of the bestselling classic is designed to meet the communication needs of today’s leaders.

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Boring to Bravo : proven presentation techniques to engage, involve and inspire your audience to action

Find this book at the Rochester Public Library.

  • Title: Boring to Bravo : proven presentation techniques to engage, involve and inspire your audience to action
  • AuthorArnold, Kristin J. 
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • ISBN: 9781608320363
Boring to Bravo : proven presentation techniques to engage, involve and inspire your audience to action

This book shows experienced presenters how to transform boring monologues into scintillating dialogues by employing simple yet powerful presentation techniques. Features: 90-plus practical techniques for engaging and interacting with an audience. Drawing from her extensive experience as a nationally recognised speaker, the author gives readers tips that apply to any presenter. Readers will be amazed at their ability to attract, involve, and inspire by incorporating just a few of the author’s suggestions; A proven methodology for upgrading any presentation. By taking a collaborative approach to the communication process, the author shows the reader how to care, connect, and converse with the members of any audience; Incoming NSA president with strong promotional platform. As the incoming president of the National Speakers Association, the author will promote the book on a nation-wide tour. An experienced team facilitator and military veteran, the author has a large plat-form of clients, including the Coast Guard, NASA, and the IRS.


Out front : how women can become engaging, memorable, and fearless speakers

Find this book at the Rochester Public Library.

Title: Out front : how women can become engaging, memorable, and fearless speakers; Author: Shames, Deborah, 1950-; Publication Date: 2017; ISBN: 9781941631676

Deborah Shames, a veteran speaker and master trainer with 18 years of experience coaching high-level executives and celebrities, invites women to step up and be heard. Noting the perfection syndrome and negative self-talk that plague many women, Deborah delivers a how-to for battling these demons and identifies women’s special talents–from high emotional intelligence and leadership skills to storytelling. She guides readers in the mechanics of communicating efficiently and constructing successful presentations, even with pressing deadlines.

War and speech (Teen Fiction)

Teen books are great fun for adults to read, and this one looks to be a winner with great reviews from tried and true sources.

Title: War and speech; Author: Zolidis, Don;  Publication Date: 2020; ISBN: 9781368010078

After Sydney’s dad is imprisoned for financial crimes, she is enrolled at the Eaganville School for the Arts, where speech is life. Luckily, the social faux pas she makes in front of a member of the speech team is offset by the new friends she makes. When Sydney learns that each of them has suffered at the hands of the speech team and that the coach himself has ties to her father, they band together to plot the team’s downfall. But when Sydney lands a spot on the team—as a plant—and makes it to nationals, will she choose to exact vengeance or take a shot at glory? Sydney’s lively voice, the Mean Girls-esque school environment, and the specially formulated plans for each “bad” guy’s downfall will help readers speed through Zolidis’ lengthier tome. The novel’s diverse cast of well-developed characters and sly commentary on toxic sportsmanship (by focusing on an academic sport instead of a clichéd football story line) make this an excellent choice for book clubs everywhere.

May 8, 2020

Gr 9 Up—Sydney’s life has been upended by her parents’ divorce and her father’s imprisonment for tax fraud. She moves across town and gets a fresh start at Eaganville School for Arts, where she is shocked to find that the speech and debate team kids are the alphas. After engaging in verbal altercations with several speech team members and witnessing the toxic culture created by the coach, Sydney vows to take them down. She is encouraged to do so by her new friends, fellow misfits Lakshmi, Thomas, and Elijah. They devise a plan where Sydney will join the team and destroy it from within; not part of the plan is the realization that Sydney has a natural talent for speech, especially once she looks within and summons the confidence to tell her own story. And once she smells victory, she’s not sure if she can throw away her solid shot at winning. Sydney is white, while secondary characters have diverse backgrounds and cultures. Zolidis, a playwright, has written an entertaining book that is also smart and thought-provoking. VERDICT Hilarious from start to finish with fast-paced dialogue and one ridiculous scenario after another, this book will fly off the shelves.

School Library Journal
April 1, 2020

I have something to say : mastering the art of public speaking in an age of disconnection

Author, Bowe, John. Publication Date: 2020

Find this book at the Rochester Public Library!

Bill surprised everyone who knew him: He got married. Bowe learned that Bill credited his turnaround to a non profit club he’d joined called Toastmasters International. Fascinated by the idea that speech training seemed to foster the kind of psychological well-being more commonly sought through expensive psychiatric treatment, and intrigued by the notion that words could serve as medicine– healing the shy, connecting the disconnected, and mending our frayed social fabric–Bowe sets out to learn for himself what he’d gathered from so many others: When you learn to speak in public, you undergo a profound transformation that has very little to do with standing at a podium. Through his own Toastmasters journey, Bowe learns much more than how to overcome the nervousness associated with giving a speech. He learns that public speaking is really about the audience–it’s the art of paying attention. Ultimately, Bowe finds that the key to eloquence, to overcoming shyness, is not mastering one’s self or one’s fears, but honing one’s ability to empathize, pay attention to other people, and connect.

Table Topic Gems 8/25/20

For Mark’s table topic question, he was asked what book he is currently reading. He answered “The Swamp” by Eric Bolling.

To check out from the Rochester Public Library: The swamp : Washington’s murky pool of corruption and cronyism and how Trump can drain it

Find it on Amazon: The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It

Find it on the St. Martin’s Press website: THE SWAMP Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It