My research experience: The Way of the Tao

It was an exciting evening for me as I looked through a number of google pages trying to understand and simplify the information.

I learned many key concepts and started to build an agenda in my mind. What is Taoism? Who were the masters? How to implement it? What are some of the beliefs?

As I looked to fill in the blanks in my mind, I was understanding more about the topic and also got ideas for my ppt. at the same time which strengthened my concepts even further

The key to present a research topic is to understand a foreign concept, make it your own and present to the audience in a simple way which keeping in mind that they don’t have any idea about it. This makes it easy to present and you don’t have to memorize all the words and phrases.

In about 3 hours I had the key concepts noted, detailed notes typed for each slide and slides designed the way I had imagined them to be and always wanted to have a nice flowy artistic touch feel to it.

More than my speech, I was very excited to present my creation, my slides with everyone and see their reaction and get their overall feedback.

That excitement to share with audience and wanting them to understand the concept as well as you do is critical, your interest in the topic is extremely critical.

I hope everyone chooses a topic they like and look forward to present it with the same excitement and conviction as I did!

Best Regards,


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